Ecpc review on Il Mio Palmare and article about Wise-lab

IlMioPalmareAs Christmas is getting closer, thanks to the staff of the italian magazine Il Mio Palmare, their readers can find a review of Ecpc on the december issue and even a little present: they can buy the software with a 20% discount. How? By reading the review on the magazine of course! 😉

During the last week I also wrote an article for the local daily newspaper La Provincia about my friends at Wise-lab, a new promising web-company based in Como.

You can read the article at this link in PDF format or at this one in RepliGo format. They have been so glad about it that they promptly added a link to Ecpc on their website. 🙂

A Merry Christmas to them, to all Ecpc users and to anyone reading the weBlog!

Il Mio Palmare

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