#GPI and Mobile Fun Awards contest deadlines hit

MobileFunForumThis has been a really busy week since yesterday was the deadline of two contests.

Not only I had to complete the tutorial about Pocket PC development for the the Best Tutorial Contest hosted by #GameProg-Ita, which I already wrote about, but also I built a Special Edition of Ecpc for the Mobile Fun Awards, a contest open to all italian software developers for mobile devices, which will take place on 28 October in Milan during the Mobile Fun Forum 2003, the first event in Italy devoted to content and entertainment software providers for mobile devices.

The event is organized by Wireless, the italian magazine for the Mobile Economy, and it’s endorsed by the Mobile Entertainment Forum organization.

All of this while I’m working on the last feature of version 1.2 of Ecpc and on another thing about the website. 😉

I’ve got a bunch of e-mails who need a reply and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give them a quick one, but deadlines are deadlines!

The “Die another day” philosophy, the title of the last James Bond’s film, is not applicable here. 🙂

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