Back from SMAU and curiosity about the recent Italian Black Out

This was the most profitable SMAU for me since I began visiting it many years ago, and it was the first time I went to the exhibition for work and not just as a visitor.

I had the pleasure to meet italian Microsoft MVPs, in particular Giorgio Cifani and Pino Paparone, both MVP specialized in mobile devices, who showed me the hardware such as the new Motorola Smartphone. :mrgreen:

Also I met Enrico of Pocket PC Italia, in his crowded stand with the latest Pocket PC and Smartphone novelties and accessories.

Most importantly I had some important meetings which I hope will turn into great announcements in the next weeks. I also took a very special picture, which I’ll upload shortly. 😉

I’m already back to the big amount of work waiting for me, but I’ll leave you with a curious picture about the unexpected italian Black Out happened during the night of sunday 28th of september. Here’s the graphic of the Internet traffic on the MIX ( Milan Internet eXchange ), where you can notice the flat line in relation to the Black Out hours.

We hope it won’t happen again…

BlackOut Mix Traffic


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