Stop Making a Mess of Yourself!

It’s the title of the new book by Roberto Re, founder of HRD Training Group, a company offering training and personal development services both to business men and individuals. As soon as I read in the HRD’s newsletter that the book presentation tour would start from Milan with a promotional One Night Seminar at the Teatro Nuovo on November 13, I didn’t waste time and I immediately booked for the event.

The show was exciting! Watching Roberto Re communicating and expressing himself live on the stage leaves a mark. It surprised me that a man like him, pretty used to public speaking, was visibly moved during the very first steps of the show, a clear sign of the total involvement in what he does. 🙂

The event went on with some properly selected cuts of famous movies presenting the 10 strategies to make a mess of yourself which we unconsciously adopt in our lives as described in the book. Renato Converso, an energetic comedian born in Calabria, then performed on the stage to show the audience to power of the smiling-therapy. 🙂

There was even the great Don Mazzi seated in the first line since he wrote the introduction of the book.

Actually this is the second book by Roberto Re. The first one, Leader di te stesso (Leader of yourself), which became a best seller published by Mondadori, represented for me a sort of milestone because it gave the start to a personal growth path that is generating unexpected positive results and is going on right now.

For this reason I brought the book with me and during the pause I managed to get it signed by Roberto while he was surrounded by a crowd of people willing to get a custom dedication on the new book fresh off the press.

“This is your first one, Roberto!” I told him while he was signing it, he nodded and replied: “Eh, this one rocks!”.

Maybe the second one is a bit lighter, but I’ll know that only after reading it.

What’s sure is that I’ve got a lot of friends to give a book with a title like Smettila di incasinarti (Stop making a mess of yourself) as a Christmas gift. :mrgreen:

There’s no two without three, Roberto! 😉

  1. #1 by claudio on November 22, 2006 - 11:05 am

    ecco! qui si che si può commentare! 😉

    mi sa che tornerò a leggerti anche qui.

  2. #2 by Albegor on November 22, 2006 - 11:34 am


    Interessante anche il tuo blog, Claudio. L’ho appena aggiunto al blogroll!

    Ciao Coach! 😉

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