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Vespatour 2006 Part 12: Arezzo

I was in Cortona in the evening of august 16, the eighth stop of the Vespatour, when a guy I met at the hostel recommended me to go to Arezzo, a town I didn’t plan to visit.

When he told me they filmed my favorite movie there, Life is beautiful by Benigni, and that there were panels marking the places where the scenes were filmed, I had no more hesitations and I spent the following day in that magic town.

The first picture shows Piazza Grande. May be someone will recognize the window of the hilarious scene “Maria, throw down the keys!”. 🙂

The second one is where Guido (Benigni) hit Dora (Braschi) while he was going by bicycle and then he greeted her saying “Buongiorno Principessa!“, while the third one is the park near the Cathedral where I rested a few minutes to write a postcard, the second one I sent during the journey, beginning with those words since it was for a girl. 😉

All the 70 pictures of the day I spent in Arezzo are in the twelfth gallery of the journey.

PS: On that postcard I marked the wrong window in Piazza Grande. I noticed that when I was back home and watched Benigni’s movie again…