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Looking Out: Young Art Exhibition in Lurago d’Erba

Guardando FuoriIlaria, the art lover who “lend” her voice for the guide in i-muse ;), is the curator of an art exhibition that will be inaugurated on saturday june 2 at the Salone Age Parrucchieri in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13 a Lurago d’Erba, not too far from Como.

For i-muse Ilaria did a great job, so it’s a pleasure for me publishing his announcement: 🙂

Guardando fuori è la seconda e più famosa mostra d’arte giovane, promossa dal Salone Age Parrucchieri in collaborazione con la Biblioteca Comunale di Lurago d’Erba e con il contributo di quattro imprese brianzole: Age Giardini, Edil Alfa3, Ferrari Impianti e Poliform. All’inaugurazione verranno offerti da La Coccinella di Albiate caffè e vecchi dolci dimenticati.
Guardando fuori prosegue a portare la sperimentazione creativa all’interno della vita reale, descrivendo in modo verosimile, la realtà delle piazze italiane, soprattutto quelle di provincia. Molte tele dipinte e molte stampe fotografiche presentate sono strumenti per acquisire la verità di ciò che si vede.
La mostra è caratterizzata dalla particolare laboriosità di Chiara Aldeghi e Antonio Bernardo, che presentano situazioni reali stereotipate, deformate ed estremizzate.
Le tele di Antonio Bernardo, articolate in sezioni che presentano gli elementi peculiari della piazza/sagrato e i personaggi che li popolano, sono state precedute dalle fotografie che l’artista ha utilizzato per i suoi dipinti.
Le fotografie di Chiara Aldeghi descrivono la piazza vera e propria; sulla base di alcuni specifici riferimenti si può immaginare che essa sia situata a Lurago d’Erba. La piazza accoglie un mercatino dell’usato, un’insegna di avventurosa costruzione e una vasta offerta di personaggi. La descrizione di questi uomini e donne è ottenuta tramite un brillante uso della luce, della posizione e dei colori.
I personaggi che popolano la piazza comprendono moltissime figure dell’immaginario collettivo: il tecnico, sedicente esperto di calcio e di qualsiasi altro argomento, il professore, filosofo e studioso di figure femminili, il tuttofare, il bimbo. E poi il nonno, il fattorino scapestrato, il carabiniere e le anziane signore che discutono esclusivamente di necrologi.
Nella piazza si discute di improbabili eroi, le cui storie costituiscono un racconto nella mostra.

Doppia personale di Chiara Aldeghi e Antonio Bernardo
2 giugno – 17 giugno 2007
Salone Age Parrucchieri, Vittorio Veneto 13
Orari: festivi 10 – 12; 15 – 19

Sabato 2 giugno 2007 – ore 17.00
Salone Age Parrucchieri
Lurago d’Erba – Vittorio Veneto 13



In Mantua for the Saturn Project

SaturnoTaking advantage of a couple of spring-like days to say the least, last week I went to Mantua on my Vespa where I’m attending a course by Regione Lombardia, the Saturn Project – support for the enterprise planet, aimed to support new entrepreneurial activities.

The course is intensive and well organized by the Centro Studi Castelli’s consultants. I’m appreciating the practical setting and the direct application of the concepts to the entrepreneurial ideas of the twelve people attending it.

A really useful course for the administrative management of the i-muse project. 🙂

Since I had two contiguous days for the course I decided to sleep at the Ostello del Mincio, a pleasant place and with the best website among those of the Hostels where I slept this summer during the Vespatour.

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Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

20 centI was really curious to see it!

I’m talking about the famous sculpture by Umberto Boccioni represented on the italian 20 cents Euro coins, whose bronze reproduction is now exposed at Palazzo Reale in Milan in an exhibition curated by Laura Mattioli Rossi focused on the sculptural work of the futurist artist.

I managed to see all the artworks represented on the italian Euro coins, most of them this summer during the Vespatour: Castel del Monte near Bari on the 1 cent coins, the Mole Antonelliana in Turin on the 2 cents, the Colosseum on the 5 cents, the Birth of Venus in Florence on the 10 cents, the Marcus Aurelius’s equestrian statue in Rome on the 50 cents, while I “met”, so to say, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo and Dante more than once during the tuscan part of the journey.

We have so many artworks in Italy and in my opinion they made the best choices for the coins designs. 🙂

The sculpture by Boccioni is really fascinating, starting from its name. It shows such a dynamism and fusion between the human body and the surrounding air, really unique to say the least!

Even the comment by the curator I listened through the audioguide was good.

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in_rete 2006miniartextilcomo

Miniartextil 2006It almost seems like a tongue-twister and actually I rarely manage to correctly pronounce the name chosen for the local exhibition devoted to contemporary textile art, now at the 16th edition. This year there are 11 locations in the town of Como dedicated to the exhibition.

The richest installment is inside the ex-church of San Francesco where next to some pretty suggestive pieces such as the army of silk frogs coming down from a wall of the right aisle, there’s a section dedicated to Net Art curated by Domenico Quaranta, in which the threads composing the virtual fabrics are generated by software algorithms.

Not by chance the term in_rete (networked) is part of the exhibition title.

The apse hosts a suspended metal structure on which are placed 54 little works, minitessili, among which you can notice the Protocolli di Rete (network protocols), a globe made with bamboo by Ilaria Giussani, a friend working at the Museo della Seta recently awarded with the Premio Arte 2006.

At the museum Ilaria allowed me to take a picture of the installment Food for the Spirit by Anna Moro-Lin & Verdeaqua you can see below. The mise en place on the table is really creative and original, while Ilaria prefers the works of Marie Rose Lortet, also exposed in the museum.

Pretty imposing is the work of Akio Hamatani at la tessitura. It almost seems like a hull of a big ship suspended over the water… could it be some sort of ark ready to sail taking away all the beasts in Como? 😉

I don’t want to say anything more to leave you with enough curiosity to visit the exhibition.

Even too often the people of Como seem to ignore this kind of events and due to the factor “I can go there whenever I want” they end up procrastinating the visit until they loose the opportunity to do it.

There’s time until November 12.

After this link between textile art and digital graphics the next time I’ll get the chance to explain what a texture is I’ll use the pixel weaving metaphor! 🙂

Food for the spiritFood for the spirit


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René Magritte in Como: L’Empire des Lumières

Magritte ComoLe basier, La saveur des larmes and L’empire des lumières.

These are the three paintings by René Magritte which impressed me the most during the visit to the exhibition now taking place in Como. An exhibition that is getting a lot of positive comments both from the critics and from the public and will probably reach and then exceed the number of visitors of the two exhibitions devoted to Picasso (77,000 visitors) and Mirò (70,000) which have taken place in the same rooms of the awesome Villa Olmo in the last two years.

I really liked it and I recommend that you visit the MagritteComo website to get the right directions to come in Como and visit the exhibition. It will last until july16th.

I spent two hours admiring all of the 80 creations of the Belgian Genius and I felt relaxed and enriched when I exited the Villa. I used the word Genius since he refused the title of “artist”, preferring the title “thinking man”, since he considered himself as someone who communicated thoughts through painting just as others did using music or writing.

Villa Olmo and its park on the lake is the perfect place to host such surrealist pieces of art. Inside the Villa they used the Dilumo, which stands for Dispositivi luminosi mobili” (mobile lightning devices). They’re light metal structures covered with the black sheet used in theatrical sets. Every piece is illuminated by optical fibers. That’s the only light in the exhibition and contributes a lot to the mysterious atmosphere you can feel along the route.

I read some interesting things about the life of Magritte and in particular I recall that he enjoyed inviting groups of friends to show them the latest paintings and play the “title game” to choose the title for them. 🙂

Too bad audioguides you can use along the exhibition only covered 22 of the 80 pieces. Probably I won’t miss the chance to visit it a second time, maybe accompanied by a real guide! 😉

In my opinion, mobile technology could be very useful in this kind of events and in fact it’s the subject matter of a project I’ve been working on since last year. More news about it soon.


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Animazione 3D and AnimatiComo

AnimaticomoToday I attended the first of the three presentations of AnimatiComo, an event organized by the Polytechnic of Como and some people interested in computer animation. Among them Nicolò Ceccarelli and Daniele Bigi, authors of the book Animazione 3D which I’m now reading.

The guest of today was the japanese artist Fusako Yusaki, a brilliant mind expressing her creativity by using plastiline to produce stunning animations with the stop motion technique. She briefly talked about her long career and his love for Italy where she lives since many years.

His relation with computer graphics technology, the basic theme of the event, is limited, but the purpose of Ceccarelli was showing to students this peculiar side of animation and in my opinion he did it right since it has been a great pleasure hearing Mrs. Fusako talking about his art and his passion with the enthusiasm and the vitality of a girl. 🙂

Next week the main guest will be David Iglesias, while the following there will be the great Bruno Bozzetto.

A curious detail: the green ball in the logo of AnimatiComo is supposed to be made of plastiline as a homage to the kind Mrs. Fusako.

Back to my works, which doesn’t involve plastiline at all as a mean of expression, but rather bits and pieces of code, although I must say they can contain the same level of imperfections ;), everything is getting ready for the release of version 1.5 of EcPc, both in VGA and QVGA.

As I wrote in the forum I set the release date on may 16th. See you on monday then! 🙂


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