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Vespatour 2006 Part 13: Assisi

Being able to see the “knight with the bowed head” was actually one of the reasons that made me stop in Assisi for a couple of nights during the Vespatour.

My italian literature professor at Lyceum often talked about Assisi, San Francesco and his conversion from a knight to a humble monk.

The sculpture placed in the area in from of the beautiful Basilica Superiore of Assisi symbolizes this conversion.

Not too far from there, the Eremo delle Carceri is a place where you can breathe the spirituality of the Franciscan life in every corner, from the openings in the woods where the monks gathered to pray, to the cells where they rested.

At the Eremo I met a monk who told me “you walked a long way, I can see it!”, he showed me the ancient refectory and then he told me another thing, a sort of a compliment, words I can’t forget and that I’ll keep for myself until I’ll write the book about the journey. 😉

Here are the 45 pictures of the thirteen gallery of the Vespatour.