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Getting published in the Internet era

I saved this post for some time waiting for the most appropriate time to post it, and here is it, hoping it can bring a bit of distraction in such a delicate moment in which all Italy is holding tight around the 19 victims in Nasiriya.

This shot comes from the award winning film Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni I’ve watched on DVD some weeks ago. Being a truly work of genius with so many details making up for a great film about the love for life, I spotted this curious scene in which Guido (Roberto Benigni) is trying to help his friend Ferruccio (Sergio Bini Bustric) to get in touch with Mrs. Guicciardini (Lidia Alfonsi), so that she can publish Ferruccio’s poetry works. They had a little trouble in that right moment, but thanks to Guido, Ferruccio will eventually get the great opportunity.

Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend like him you can bet you’ll get published everywhere! 😉

But for anyone else the Internet is an invaluable resource to reach the same objective nowadays.

The real problem comes after publishing something, as I’m experiencing at first hand, because even if your work is good it’s too easy passing unnoticed in the frenetic traffic flow of the super-information highway.

I briefly addressed the question in the tutorial about Pocket PC development since there’s no doubt it’s a serious issue for any independent developer.

A wonderful movie, by the way. 🙂

If you have the DVD you shouldn’t miss the interview of Benigni, in particular when he answers to the question about how ideas are born and he says it would take much more space on the DVD to fully explain it! :mrgreen:

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