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i-muse Back on TV for ZeroTreUno

After the interview on last February on ZeroTreUno during which, together with Luca and Paolo, I explained what we would have done to make i-muse, I went back to Espansione TV to tell what we actually did at the Educational Silk Museum.

Elda De Mattei, the presenter, was curious to know if we managed to keep our promises and created an innovative tool to visit museums and art exhibitions.

With a PDA in my hand, I showed her how much easy using i-muse actually is, and I believe I got the attention of the viewers by showing some of the best pieces of the video guide.

Elda wished us good luck for the incoming trip to Toronto where we’ll present i-muse at the ICHIM 07 and I appreciated when she gave me the opportunity to tell about the passion for the Vespa and my wish to be able to see i-muse guiding visitors at the Museo Piaggio someday. 😀

Elda called Alice our virtual guide Chiara, a little mistake, certainly lesser than the comparison with the atomic bomb during the interview in february! 😉

Here is the 12 minutes interview.

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A Night at the Museum 2007

Notte al Museo 2007By reading the name of the event maybe someone will recall the movie with Ben Stiller.

Actually it’s an event involving 250 museums in Lombardia, each one offering different cultural initiatives: free guided tours, musical events, videos, exhibitions and degustations.

If I hadn’t had to be at the Educational Silk Museum of Como for the scheduled public presentation of i-muse at 18:30 I would be really pleased to attend some of the events!

I’m just joking, it’ll be an important event for us. 🙂

The staff of “our” museum is very active lately to say the least. On wednesday 20 they inaugurated a wonderful temporary exhibition dedicated to a collection of american bags from 1930 to 1970, while on wednesday 27 it’ll be the turn of the second edition of the bobbin lace competition.

Three reasons, two exhibitions and the presentation of i-muse, good enough to choose the Educational Silk Museum of Como among the numerous cultural offerings on saturday 29 september.

I’ll be waiting for you together with the i-muse team for our first Night at the Museum! 😉

PS: After the interview on Telereporter even the local broadcast Espansione TV dedicated us a brief but effective two minutes long service during the evening news.

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i-muse Featured on EspansioneTV

20 minutes on TV really flew away! 😀

We’ve been interviewed on ZeroTreUno, the daily feature of the local broadcaster EspansioneTV, to present the project we’re working on, i-muse, the PDA guide for museums and art exhibitions.

Elda De Mattei, the presenter, made us feel at ease and allowed us to illustrate the project in its various aspects, from the technology to the graphics and the contents, an argument for each one of us.

Although we would have loved to tell more we’ve been very satisfied of the final result. 🙂

For me it wasn’t the first time on TV, since I attended Netcafé on Telelombardia in 2003 after I won an award for Ecpc, a software for Euro coins collectors, but this time I wasn’t alone.

So the message has been delivered: we have a winning product, ready for the market in a short time. 😉