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Microblogging on Facebook

FacebookAs much as WordPress changed the way I managed and presented the blog, Facebook is now changing another fundamental component: the update rate!

I often find myself microblogging on Facebook by updating my status or filling the wall in a quick and easy way, just what I needed in order to highlight what I wasn’t able to through posts on the blog, even if visibility is limited to the network of friends.

In my opinion Facebook follows the 80/20 rule pretty well: for 20% of the time you typically use it to “nurture” your ego and for 80% to look at your friends’ activities! 😉

More or less this is my relation with a tool that in Italy is fast-growing in popularity, is generating discussions about the rise of new forms of dependence and privacy issues, but that has such a strength to be able to bring many new users on the web: without knowing it, they became micro-bloggers! 🙂