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FashionTouch Finalist in the InventiON Contest

InventiONA touch of technology for everything fashionable, from fashion to design: it’s the idea behind the FashionTouch system, finalist of the InventiON contest! 🙂

It’s a software to make interactive catalogues downloadable on the latest generation smartphones, through which you can watch videos, photos and read the latest news about your favourite brand.

I got the idea when I developed this kind of application for the presentation of the new Samsung smartphone designed by Armani, which took place on last october.

In a few words I’d like to develop a software platform to create interactive catalogues able to reduce times and costs compared to the development of ad-hoc applications, thus making the system available not only to big brands, but also to small and medium Made in Italy companies.

They liked the idea and FashionTouch was included among the three finalists of the Art and Design category of the InventiON contest organized by Alintec.

The rules state that winners will be chosen according to the results of an evaluation by a panel of experts and online votes by the public.

I’d like to invite you to vote for your favourite inventions on the InventiON contest website, where you can watch a video presentation for each finalist. You can cast your vote until March 31.

May the best one win!


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