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Flavio Oreglio in Como for Il Sole

Could something ever exist better than doing charity while having fun? 🙂

I don’t think so, especially in these times, but it’s exactly what will happen on sunday evening if you’ll come to the Teatro Sociale in Como where Flavio Oreglio, the great cathartic poet from Zelig, will perform in a musical show whose profits will go to Il Sole, the local Onlus working on distance adoptions and international cooperation projects.

Their project Reborning Flowers, aimed to give psychological support to child victims of rape in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia, is having a difficult time due to the critical situation in the area and I think Flavio will talk about it during the show. Another reason to contribute to such a delicate project while spending a special evening, not only different.

Tickets go from 25 to 10 Euros.

Mrs. Olivia Piro, Il Sole’s president, yesterday evening told me she’s dreaming of a theater at full… let’s help her making the dream come true! 😉

Oreglio al Teatro Sociale

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Il Sole and The White Night in Como

IlSoleIl Sole, the sun in english. They couldn’t choose a better and more appropriate name for the dynamic ONLUS (Organization Non Lucrative for Social Affairs), recently become NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), dealing with distance adoptions and international cooperation projects, born in Como in 1997 from the initiative of Mrs. Olivia Piro.

Someone says the name is the most important thing for a person, so it is for Il Sole and the people involved in it as volunteers, since this name fully reflects the energy they have in the will to help children in distant countries such as India, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.

They’re always busy, but never forget to praise their achievements, so last week they had a small party to inaugurate the new offices in Como, their operative headquarters, twice as big as the previous one, but most of all located in a quieter area and lit by the sunlight most of the day, making it more pleasant for the volunteers to do their work. They also recently got a brand new Toyota Jeep from the Fondazione Comasca to be used in their operations in Burkina.

Now they’re preparing for a series of events organized for the incoming Notte Bianca di Como on june 10.

They’ll take the whole Piazza De Gasperi near the lake and the Funicolare station and will entertain the public all night long. Even four comedians from the popular Zelig italian TV show will perform on the stage. For one long night it will become the Piazza del Sole!

Can’t wait for it, even if there will be a lot of work to do as a volunteer! 🙂

At this time there are two initiatives if you want to support them: the annual lottery which will last until July 24 and the 5×1000 donation on the income declaration. You can get more information by visiting the website of Il Sole.

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Il Sole and his Planiverso

Il SoleJust before Christmas I decided to make myself a special gift, obviously ignoring what would have happened a few days later in South East Asia.

I became a member of Il Sole, a charity organization active with distance adoption and abused women recovery programs in countries such as Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and India.

Thanks to my Uncles who are members since a long time I had the pleasure to get in touch with this organization a bit at a time and to appreciate the work and the outstanding results of its staff and the genuine dedication of his president and founder Olivia Piro.

So in the end this appreciation naturally turned into my decision to support them once I was able to do it. Then the deadly Tsunami stroke and brought his waves of destruction up to India including Pallepalem, a village in the Nellore district where Il Sole operates. It’s a village of fishers (Pallekars) and the 394 families living there lost all their mud-huts and their boats, so Il Sole immediately decided to act in two phases, a first emergency one in which they provided rice, medicines, water and sheets, now concluded, and a more financially demanding second phase aiming at rebuilding the fishing activity to gradually overcome the damages caused by the Tsunami. You can visit their website and read this article published by the local daily newspaper La Provincia and decide to give your help in their project.

This is a real way to help the Tsunami victims in my opinion, not by SMS. 😉

When I became a member I also purchased some of their merchandise I’m proud to wear, but there was a really original thing I couldn’t miss: the Planiverso.

As you can read in the description it’s actually a big poster showing the world upside down with the meaning to give back dignity to the so called third world. I like it because it’s cool and with a serious meaning at the same time, but now that it’s hanging on the wall of my room I can’t but notice the area around the Indian Ocean every time I look at it.

It’s as if the Tsunami did really put the world upside down…


Update: Mrs. Piro wrote a touching letter to La Provincia about the Tsunami tragedy. After some days of thinking I wrote my reply which you can read here. They cut it a bit, but they did it perfectly since you can read here on the blog what’s missing.


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