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Windows and Matrix Revolutions

Matrix RevolutionsYesterday has been a pleasant day since I attended to the Windows Revolutions event in Milan, in which Microsoft’s staff, in a very informal and friendly atmosphere, presented to a public of developers some interesting features of Longhorn, the future successor of Windows XP, Yukon, the successor of SQL Server and Whidbey, the next version of Visual Studio .NET.

At the end of the presentation Microsoft invited the attendees to the nearby Arcadia theater to watch the movie Matrix Revolutions.

I don’t want to write anything about the movie, especially how it ends, but I can say a THX Certified theater grants an incredible audiovisual experience, in particular for this kind of movies.

Thanks to Microsoft, then. Let’s hope they’ll organize similar events in the future, but more focused on mobile devices. 😉

Now let’s back to work since I’ve got the forum to open, among other things…


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