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i-muse at Touristech 2008

TouristechGiving an effective presentation is pretty difficult task and Guido actually did it by presenting i-muse at Touristech 2008! 🙂

On november 28, in the Sala Affreschi of Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, we attended the third edition of the conference organized by Wireless and dedicated to innovative technologies for tourism.

The presentations were almost all interesting, each one focused on a different information technology tool: from web 2.0 style mobile service platforms to community portals for specific sectors such as sailing, from theatrical podcasts for historical town tours to i-muse, our videoguide platform which aims to make its technology so transparent that the user can see only one thing: quality contents!

An objective not so easy to demonstrate we achieved, as discussed at the conference: the only method is using it and Guido explained this by talking about the i-muse installation project at Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio and its possible evolution.


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Togunà at SMAU 2008 Innovation Routes

SMAU 2008Interviews, articles, friends, curious people, potential partners and investors: everything happened at our stand inside the Innovation Routes area during the four days of Smau 2008!

Tired and satisfied, thanks also to Emil Abirascid, who took care of the forth edition of the Routes and led to our stand journalists and reporters, with these results: Paolo interviewed by TG2 and Blogosfere, Guido interviewed by, my interview for Radio24, an article on il Giornale, another one on the Lombardia feature of Il Sole 24 ORE and a mention on Nova24.

I’m happy since there was great attention towards startups created by young adults willing to innovate and change things!

And now the Lu.Be.C. event in Lucca is waiting for us, where we’ll present a new project during the afternoon session.

Even at Lu.Be.C. we’ll have a stand where “Chiara – the virtual guide”, will uncover herself for the joy of heritage valorization specialists! 😉

Percorsi dell'innovazioneStand TogunàDavideEmil Davide Guido

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Innovation Circus in Milan

Innovation CircusThe center of Milan has been overwhelmed by the events of Innovation Circus for a whole week: talk shows, presentations, exhibitions and interactive labs about innovation for everyone.

With such a theme i-muse had to be there!

We had the chance to talk about the videoguide two times: during the talk show about innovation in turism that took place at Ottagono, in the center of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and during Milano in Progress at Palazzo Giureconsulti, a marathon of presentations by creative and innovative local companies.

There was all Togunà team at Ottagono and Guido, during his speech, showed the audience the best videos and animations of i-muse.

Paolo then repeated the presentation at Palazzo Giureconsulti in just 5 minutes marked by a virtual gong.

Now we’re ready for the next event: we’re exhibitors at Smau 2008, inside the Percorsi dell’Innovazione area, stand P18. Come and see us there! 🙂


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i-muse at the W4B Forum in Milan

Wireless 4 BusinessThanks again to the support of the Startup Accelerator and its renewed staff, we had the chance to show i-muse to the public for the second time since the birth of Togunà Interactive. 🙂

The exhibition area of the Wireless for Business Forum was smaller than the R2B one and the event was pretty much focused on the conferences. However, the little desk at the Startup Accelerator’s stand, which also hosted friends at Urbano Creativo and Fluidmesh, got the attention both of curious people and potential partners and clients.

Compared to other providers of innovative technologies, we have can directly show a working videoguide, and this easily capture the attention of the people passing by.

By the way, how could you resist to the banner with “Chiara – the virtual guide“, as you can see in the photo? 😉

See you at the next exhibition!

Wireless 4 BusinessWireless 4 Business



i-muse Awarded by FinancIdea in Milan

It’s the biggest prize we won so far! 😀

The confirmation of the validity of our entrepreneurial project started with i-muse!

On monday 8 october, in the wonderful Sala Parlamentino of the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti in Milan, I received the 1st prize of the Evaluate your entrepreneurial idea contest , organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in collaboration with Fondazione FinancIdea and the support of Rasbank and Unicredit Bank: a thick plexiglass plate and a money contribute to help starting the business.

Some of the people I met during the last months attended the award ceremony, something I appreciated since it means I captured their interest. 😉

An important prize then, maybe more important than we think, since now we’re busy getting ready for the ICHIM in Toronto.

On the Milan’s CCIAA website they’ll publish the official chart of the contest.

Premiazione Financidea



Vespatour 2006 Part 1: Milan and Turin

The first photo gallery related to the Vespatour, 56 photos taken in Milan and in Turin, is online, while the rest will be available the next days.

I’d like to invite you to view the photos, each one has something to tell.

Also they are geo-referenced, which means you can see where I took them thanks to Google Maps, simply by clicking on the Map This! button.

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Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

20 centI was really curious to see it!

I’m talking about the famous sculpture by Umberto Boccioni represented on the italian 20 cents Euro coins, whose bronze reproduction is now exposed at Palazzo Reale in Milan in an exhibition curated by Laura Mattioli Rossi focused on the sculptural work of the futurist artist.

I managed to see all the artworks represented on the italian Euro coins, most of them this summer during the Vespatour: Castel del Monte near Bari on the 1 cent coins, the Mole Antonelliana in Turin on the 2 cents, the Colosseum on the 5 cents, the Birth of Venus in Florence on the 10 cents, the Marcus Aurelius’s equestrian statue in Rome on the 50 cents, while I “met”, so to say, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo and Dante more than once during the tuscan part of the journey.

We have so many artworks in Italy and in my opinion they made the best choices for the coins designs. 🙂

The sculpture by Boccioni is really fascinating, starting from its name. It shows such a dynamism and fusion between the human body and the surrounding air, really unique to say the least!

Even the comment by the curator I listened through the audioguide was good.

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Vespacrash in Milan! :(

Vespa CrashMy friends make a fool of me when I use the term Vespatour to describe the journey I did this summer around Italy riding a Vespa, since it reminds them an organized group tour, not certainly a solo-journey.

After what happened a few days ago in Milan I really hope they won’t do the same when I’ll use the term Vespacrash to describe the fall into the middle of the street that caused a bad damage to my Vespa GTS

Damn, I traveled for 4200 Km around Italy in a month without even a scratch and now I manage to scratch the whole left flank by falling like a goof in the Milan traffic.

Do you have in mind the tram sidewalk separating the two carways, elevated by a few centimeters from the roadbed?

Well, I was quietly riding along a street of that kind. I was exactly parallel and very close to the low sidewalk, a perspective from which I couldn’t notice the elevation, also due to the late evening light conditions. To pass a car in front of me I decided to turn towards the central section that appeared flat, when I suddenly lost control of the Vespa and I found myself on the ground even before understanding what was happening.

A bad experience… it could have been worse, but that’s not too reassuring considering the damage to the Vespa.

I was using a PDA as a GPS navigator and fortunately it wasn’t damaged during the fall. It’s the fourth rescue thanks to the security cord tied to the left mirror, while the other three happened during the Vespatour.

Do you think the PDA has nine lives like a cat?

I really hope the Vespatour will have a sequel, but the Vespacrash will remain an episode more unique than rare… sigh!


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Smau 2006: One Sail, a Couple of Halls and 98 Seminars

Smau 2006The Sail, this is the name of the 1 km long structure by Massimiliano Fuksas covering the new site of fieramilano near Milan, which hosted the 43rd edition of Smau, the ICT international exhibition.

Only two halls were used to contain the exhibitors’ stands and the area reserved for seminars. Speaking with some people they confirmed the impression that something was missing, that sort of background noise coming from big stands aimed to attract consumers and the like. At the same time it was pleasant being able to walk around the fair and ask for a meeting without having to dig through the crowd.

Pretty opposite feelings of course, but they’re both true. This was not a “Smau” for me, maybe they should change the name if they’re going to continue with this new business-only course. 😉

The two seminaries I attended were interesting, one was about software rights protection according to the italian law by Massimo Farina, pretty easy, quick and effective and the other about technologic innovation in point of sales by an IBM speaker.

I had some meetings with people working for companies whose products are (or may be) related to the projects I’m currently involved in, such as Sony’s network cameras and RFID device and service providers. I couldn’t miss a chat with friends in the Windows Mobile areas too.

The area named Innovation Routes was very well organized and hosted numerous stands of italian startups.

One of them was Econoetica, presenting the Arianna PDA city guide. I had the pleasure to meet Valentina, marketing manager, in Firenze during the Vespatour and use the guide for a whole day walking around the city, and at the fair I met her again together with the rest of the staff, Pietro and Luca.

They’re doing well and they got some good exposition thanks to their little stand. I was a real joy hearing again the genuine tuscan accent while speaking with Valentina. 🙂

Next to their stand I also spoke with the staff, a network of professional italian blogs, most of which are of very high quality thanks to their experienced bloggers.

They have opened a blog about Smau and posted some pics of the beauties you could find walking around the stands, but they definitely missed the best ones in my opinion… at the Blackberry one you could stare not only at their latest device, the Pearl, but also get a golf ball from two models. Now I just need a golf mace… :mrgreen:

Smau 2006Smau 2006Smau 2006



Mobile Force & Office Forum 2006

Mobile Force & Office Forum 2006On april 4th I attended the spring edition of the Wireless forums, a mix of business meetings and conferences organized by the Wireless magazine at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milan.

I followed most of the presentations of the section Mobile Force & Office Forum since automating a mobile workforce is related to one of my software projects. As a whole, the presentations were interesting and the moderator, Paolo Conti, was a brilliant guy, but the public was not as numerous as the one attending the Wlan Business Forum, a parallel series of conferences focused on broadband, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies.

In particular I found interesting the Psion Teklogix Mobile Show, actually one hour of live show with funny performances by the Psion Teklogix’s technical staff showing the latest barcode and RFID technologies while tracking a shipment from the order to the delivery destination. The scenography they set up was defenitely mobile! 😉

Also interesting was the interview with Funambol’s CEO: he spoke about the company’s history, how they found financial support in the US and he talked about the SyncML opensource software.

In the exhibition area I had the pleasure to talk with the staff of Softwork since I’m currently exploring RFID technology applied to mobile devices.

Also I had the chance to get my hands on the new Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone at the Dangaard’s booth, the Qtek 8500, alias HTC Star Trek… very nice design! 🙂


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