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i-muse su Punto Informatico

Punto InformaticoIt was a great satisfaction seeing i-muse among the digital pages of Punto Informatico, my favorite italian online magazine! 🙂

I read Punto Informatico since ever, to keep me updated about what’s happening in the hectic ICT world, so it was a pleasure meeting Enrico Giancipoli, a collaborator of the online daily magazine, at the recent R2B exhibition in Bologna.

Enrico came to visit our stand, tried i-muse and asked me some questions for the article, published this week.

Other than some technical insights about the software architecture on which i-muse is based, the interview includes a juicy anticipation: we’ll port the videoguide to the famous Apple smartphone, the iPhone! 😀

Now we’re getting ready for our second exhibition as exhibitors: on june 25 and 26, me, Paolo and Samantha, content managers, we’ll be in Milan for the Wireless 4 Business Forum.

We’ll have a desk at the stand of the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico to show i-muse, just like I did with Guido in Bologna.

Enjoy reading Punto Informatico’s article!


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