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The Little Corner of i-muse at the R2B Exhibition

An angular stand, a good position inside the hall and our staging attracted the attention of a lot of people during the two days of the R2B exhibition in Bologna. 😀

Me and Guido, marketing manager, setup the stand with the banners made by Luca and we welcomed people interested to see the videoguide running on Pdas interacting with Rfid tags.

During the two days we continued the networking activity begun with the birth of Togunà Interactive a few months ago, searching for partnership with hardware vendors, Rfid and Zigbee in particular, software solutions complimentary to our own, and presenting ourselves to potential clients, also thanks to the staff of the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano.

Very interesting was learning the experiences of other startuppers in their search for financial support, in particular with italian Business Angels. About this I’d like to point you out to a guide made by IBAN and Kpmg.

A positive result then for Togunà’s first stand, after the demonstration of i-muse at the Ichim 07 last year in Toronto.

For me it was the first exhibition as exhibitor, and I have to say that it’s always useful being able to look at things from different points of view! 😉

In the pictures you can see the stand, as well as the Start2B area of the exhibition.

R2B 2008R2B 2008R2B 2008

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i-muse goes to the R2B Exhibition in Bologna

R2B 2008We’re getting ready for our first exhibition! 😀

On june 5th and 6th Togunà will be at stand 216 of the R2B exhibition, in the Start2b area, dedicated to new entrepreneurial initiatives.

We’ll showcase our first product, the i-muse videoguide system, so that interested people can give it a try.

In Denver, during private demonstations, people told me i-muse was “nice and sleek“, due its graphics and user interface responsivity. I hope in Bologna we’ll get the italian equivalent of these compliments. 😉

Before leaving for the AAM 2008 Annual Meeting in Denver, Intruders.TV’s staff interviewed me when I met them in Milan during the event The Next Web Now organized by Microsoft. It’s a series of a brief answers to questions about the startup of the entrepreneurial adventure.

The interview is short and effective: a good presentation for Bologna. Enjoy it!

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