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The Gallery of i-muse Testers

GretaIn july and august we invited more than 70 people to the Educational Silk Museum of Como to complete the usability tests for i-muse, a fundamental step of the project which absorbed me completely and allowed us to refine the software in its different components.

Thanks to all the people who come and enjoyed using i-muse. Thanks also to the museum’s staff who has always been kind and welcomed our testers.

Testers have been impressed by the overall quality of our video guide, as if they didn’t expect a result of a such level, a result obtained by a group of five young people who are “playing” as entrepreneurs. 😉

Enthusiastic for the video guide, at the end of the visit with i-muse, someone often commented about the workers’ labour inside factories in the recent past.

Now that usability tests are completed the second step is waiting for us: promoting what we did so far and setting up a competitive commercial offer.

The way is still a long one, as the experts tell us…



i-muse Usability Tests on Tafter

TafterIt’s a satisfaction watching the result of our work in the hands of people while they visit the Educational Silk museum of Como with i-muse, seeing them at ease and at the end satisfied while they recall the things which impressed them the most! 🙂

Most of them actually didn’t expect such a high quality of the guide in all its components: workings, graphics and contents.

Usability tests are going on, they’re allowing us to refine the software and recently I had the chance to explain how they are performed in an article published on the italian online magazine Tafter.

Usability is common sense, as Donald A. Norman says, and from the tests we made so far it seems result we wished to obtain is getting near: when people, at the end of their visit, comment only the contents it means the rest is ok, the i-muse formula works! 😉