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Euro Coin Collection APP Reviewed on TV at Netcafé

Euro Coin Collection APP has been reviewed on TV at Netcafé by Gigi Beltrame!

It’s the italian TV show broadcast by Telelombardia I attended as guest in 2003, featuring Maria Remi and Gabriele di Matteo.

During his comment, Gigi highlighted an important aspect of the app: it’s curious, that’s what distinguish it from many others, something not easy to get at all, since there are more than 400.000 apps on the AppStore.

Then he considered it useful to anyone willing to discover coins from all the Euro-area countries, while collectors can use advanced features, thus exploiting the social component of the app, to quote his words.

Thanks to Gigi, technology journalist and director at, and dear greetings to Netcafé friends who remembered me even if so many years have passed.

Netcafé will be broadcast again since september, while the show goes on Top-Tech, the new italian digital TV channel dedicated to hi-tech.

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Netcafé Videos Now Online

As promised the videos of the interview at Netcafé are now online.

I tried to compress them without altering their quality, so that you can also view Maria in all her beauty! :mrgreen:

Now I can concentrate on the last few steps before the release of the new version 1.2 of Ecpc, a release introducing some new features such as the Compare&Swap mode and of course the full german translation.

Is there something better than releasing the new version just after winning an award and a TV interview?

A friend had a very funny answer to this question, but it wouldn’t be too polite writing it here! 😉

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My first time on TV!

NetcafeSo, why was the last friday so special for me? Well, because that day there was my first time on TV! :mrgreen:

I still can’t believe it! After winning the award I’ve been invited by the TV channel Telelombardia, at Netcafé, a weekly talk-show about new technologies presented by Gabriele Di Matteo with the help of Maria and Bettina.

I had the opportunity to not only show the award, but also to talk about Ecpc, show some Euro coins of my collection and talk a bit about me.

What a week! The flue didn’t allowed me to enjoy it at its fullest, but the flue is going away while the award and the TV attendance will stay! 🙂

I’m waiting 23:00 (GMT+1) to record the talk-show so that I can put the video of my interview on my website in the next days.

I even took some backstage photos with Maria and Bettina, but more details later. 😉

Meanwhile I’ve added the About page, in which you can read some more details about me, as well as seeing my business card made by a friend, a talented graphics artist, which includes the new logo you can now see on the top left.


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