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Vespatour 2006 Part 10: from Monteriggioni to Montieri

San GalganoMy solo-journey of the last summer, the Vespatour, continued from Florence towards southern Tuscany.

I slept one night at the Ostello del Chianti in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa and I enjoyed it thanks to the people I met there: Silvia, the hostel’s manager, and Alessio, a biker from Torino.

Valentina, a girl I met in Florence, recommended me to visit the mysterious Monteriggioni stronghold and to search for the even more mysterious cats without tail living there.

So I did it, and in the evening of august 15 I also visited San Gimignano, the town with 100 towers.

The following day was no less intensive. Following a recommendation from Elisa, a friend from Como, I visited San Galgano’s Abbey and I saw the mythic sword inside the rock! 8)

Then I reached La Meridiana in Montieri in the Maremma area to bring Elisa’s greetings to Mrs. Mirella, the manager of the agritourismo.

In Palazzetto, along the road to Siena to attend the Palio, I met by chance Alberto, Angelo e Claudio, three Vespa-riders from Mantua and we lunched together.

Here are the 47 photos of the “authentically Tuscan” tenth gallery of the Vespatour! 🙂

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Vespatour 2006 Part 9: Vinci and Florence

FirenzeAfter three nights spent in Lucca, the Vespatour continued into the hearth of Tuscany towards Florence, passing by Vinci, where a museum dedicated to Leonardo is located, and then in Anchiano, where I visited the birth place of the tuscan genius.

In the afternoon of august 13 I entered for the first time in the Uffizi Gallery, a place so full of masterpieces, the Birth of Venus by Botticelli above all, that once out I think I felt the symptoms of the Stendhal’s syndrome: “What I’ve seen!” I was repeating to myself while walking in the town center.

A pretty chaotic town in august, it was much better riding my Vespa in the surrounding campaign. 😉

The 52 photos of the ninth gallery of the journey I did to discover the wonders of the Belpaese are online.

Enjoy them! 🙂

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