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Vespatour 2006 Part 14: Norcia, Melezzole and Le Marmore

Le MarmoreWhen I was in Toronto three weeks ago I didn’t miss the opportunity to view the Niagara Falls. They recalled me the impressive sight of the Marmore Falls I stared at last year during the Vespatour.

On august 19th, after the visit to Assisi, my solo-journey continued towards Rome, while discovering some of the Umbria’s wonders along the way. I visited Norcia, the town of San Benedetto, a place known for its sausages and ham made from wild boar and pork, and I spent the night in a bed&breakfast in Melezzole di Montecchio.

Rested and restored, the following day I continued the journey on my Vespa and I spent the morning breathing the fresh air surrounding the Marmore Falls area, the natural wonder I already wrote about on the blog.

Here are the 51 photos of the fourteenth gallery of my Vespatour.

As with each gallery, the pictures are geo-localized, which means you just have to click on the map this! button to view their position on Google Maps. 🙂

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