A Dell Axim X3 in my hand

Axim X3Yesterday, together with the first shy snow flakes, a rushy UPS courier delivered a new Pocket PC, the new Dell Axim X3! 🙂

It’s a really nice piece of hardware and the good design and that “sheet of paper” effect surprised me, since it’s so light weight. I can’t say how much hard earned it is!

I chosen the standard model with no wireless connectivity, adding to the order a 64Mb SD card, to keep the expenses low, since I’m going to spend some money in software and maybe accessories.

Hardware is nothing without software after all, isn’t it? 😉

I can finally update the My Pocket PC page with the new Axim and I can’t wait to test its graphics performance with my code, an area in which it excels as you can read in the recent review appeared on The Register.

But now I’ve got some hard work to do on the incoming version 1.3 of Ecpc.

It looks so good on the 16bit Axim display…

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