A Motorola MPx200 in my hands and Premio Palinsesto Italia Contest

Premio Palinsesto ItaliaMuch work is going on behind the scenes around here and the next week is going to be even busiest.

Since I’m an expert at making things at the last minute ;), yesterday I’ve been able to send a participation dossier for the italian contest Premio Palinsesto Italia containing the latest 1.4 beta version of Ecpc and a preview of the desktop PC version with the same interface of the Pocket PC one, although I use it only for development purposes since the final desktop PC version will have a better and extended user interface.

Finally a contest with some money for the winners, something that might be vital lymph for the next projects if the submission will pass the selections and will go up to the final round. Let’s hope for the best, finger crossed!

I even got my first Smartphone this week, a Motorola MPx200. I don’t like the clamshell design, but I must say that the integration of e-mail, SMS, MMS, Outlook contacts and so on surprised me positively. It only needs a stylus! 😉

And considering that it’s very similar to a Pocket PC from a development point of view, you might expect a Smartphone version of Ecpc well before the desktop PC one.

If you like to read the blog and you check it out for updates every now and then, I suggest you to use the Mozilla Firefox browser and setup up a weekly check in the bookmark manager.

Tabbed browsing and an efficient bookmark management are the killer features which made me to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox as the default browser. Give it a try!

Another quick news: I’ll make a test of the revolutionary BatteryLife Activator. 8)

Update: since version 1.0 of Firefox the development team discarded the notification option in the bookmark manager since it was buggy. I hope to see it again, or maybe provided by some extension plug-in.

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