An Historic Day in Rome and EcPc 1.5 VGA Preview Posted

1 EuroWe’re living historic days: I mean the passing of Pope Giovanni Paolo II and the funeral ceremony taking place today in Rome.

However, work can’t wait, especially if you have a lot of it. I’m glad to present a preview of the incoming VGA version of EcPc. I posted a series of screenshots here in the forum, so be sure to check them out and be amazed by the graphics. 🙂

The new version will contain a series of enhancements regarding mainly graphics and not new features. When the beta will be ready I’ll make it available in exclusive to FirsLoox site members, so that they can test the new version on the best VGA Pocket PC around, the Loox 720. 😉

As I previously wrote, I’m planning a restyle of the site and I’m evaluating different solutions with the advice from some expert friends. In particular I’m evaluating content management systems such as Drupal. It’s something new to discover and it’s pretty time consuming.

Another important step has been the acceptance by the Volta Center of the project I proposed them and which I mentioned in a previous post . They judged it interesting and we’ll work together in the next weeks to make a due diligence study which will act as the foundation for the development and the eventual experimental deployment of the application.

I can’t tell any detail at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated as it progresses. In the meantime get ready to download the new VGA version of EcPc on your Pocket PC. 🙂

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