A French Stage for i-muse


We received a lot of curricula for the stage offer related to i-muse.

Curricula from anywhere in Italy and someone even from abroad.

I did about ten interviews on the phone and then I proceeded with four interviews in our office.

The general feeling is that the opportunity to write a thesis about an innovative project in the sector of cultural goods such as i-muse is considered like a sort of privilege. ūüôā

Among the students who impressed me the most for their smartness and results achieved until now in their student career there was a french girl attending international management at the Università Cattolica in Piacenza.

Now Valérie, this is her name, moved to Como thanks to the support of the international students relations office of the Politecnico.

It has been hard finding a flat for her, since the real estate market in Como is definitely ‚Äúsparkling‚ÄĚ and finding a flat not too far from the office for just four months wasn‚Äôt easy at all.

Valérie will see the birth of i-muse together with us and will assist us launching it on the market.

  1. #1 by mariagrazia on April 6, 2007 - 10:02 am

    Vedi .. non ricordarsi delle amiche che lavorano nelle agenzie immobiliari…. me lo dicevi magari una sistemazione alla Valèrie lo si trovava..

  2. #2 by Albegor on April 6, 2007 - 10:47 am

    S√¨ che mi ricordavo! ūüėČ
    Considera che i prezzi degli alloggi convenzionati col Politecnico sono a dir poco competitivi…

  3. #3 by DIDO - G on April 6, 2007 - 12:13 pm

    BIENVENUE VALERIE !!! è un piacere averti nel nostro gruppo e un privilegio lavorare insieme (senza dimenticare che noi italiani adoriamo incontrare i francesi dopo i mondiali ! … Alè le BLUE, alè le blue …)

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