Come to Try i-muse!

This is the graphics made by Luca to invite people to try i-muse at the Educational Silk Museum in Como. 🙂

Now it’s your turn to judge our work, a hard work, complex, which involved many people and now it’s condensed in 50 minutes of PDA guided visit to one of the most fascinating museums in Como.

At the end of the visit we’ll ask you to fill a feedback questionnaire. This and the careful observation of your behavior while you’ll be using i-muse will help us understanding if and how making modifications to improve the guide.

We’re organizing the tests by appointment and they’ll be free of charge of course, so if you’d like to book for the test you can write to

The virtual guide is waiting to tell you with an appealing voice “Welcome to the i-muse system“… 😉

Test i-muse

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