Vespacrash in Milan! :(

Vespa CrashMy friends make a fool of me when I use the term Vespatour to describe the journey I did this summer around Italy riding a Vespa, since it reminds them an organized group tour, not certainly a solo-journey.

After what happened a few days ago in Milan I really hope they won’t do the same when I’ll use the term Vespacrash to describe the fall into the middle of the street that caused a bad damage to my Vespa GTS

Damn, I traveled for 4200 Km around Italy in a month without even a scratch and now I manage to scratch the whole left flank by falling like a goof in the Milan traffic.

Do you have in mind the tram sidewalk separating the two carways, elevated by a few centimeters from the roadbed?

Well, I was quietly riding along a street of that kind. I was exactly parallel and very close to the low sidewalk, a perspective from which I couldn’t notice the elevation, also due to the late evening light conditions. To pass a car in front of me I decided to turn towards the central section that appeared flat, when I suddenly lost control of the Vespa and I found myself on the ground even before understanding what was happening.

A bad experience… it could have been worse, but that’s not too reassuring considering the damage to the Vespa.

I was using a PDA as a GPS navigator and fortunately it wasn’t damaged during the fall. It’s the fourth rescue thanks to the security cord tied to the left mirror, while the other three happened during the Vespatour.

Do you think the PDA has nine lives like a cat?

I really hope the Vespatour will have a sequel, but the Vespacrash will remain an episode more unique than rare… sigh!


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