Vespatour 2006 Part 3 e 4: Genoa and Rapallo

GenovaThe third and fourth galleries of the Vespatour, one hundred photos shot during the two days I spent in Genoa on august 6 and 7, are online.

During the two days I walked around the city, its Alleys and the Ancient Port; I visited the civic museum of natural history and the aquarium.

I also spent an evening in Rapallo and had a dinner in Chiavari with a couple of ex-colleagues from Trecision, the videogames development company I worked for in the past.

Someone told me that looking at the photos of the journey made him wish to go on holiday: it’s a good sign I think, but only if you keep in mind that traveling shouldn’t be just escaping from ordinary life, but actually discovering and learning new things. 🙂

The exhibition of the 10 Vespas at the Iper of Grandate is coming to a close. On Saturday April 7 there will be the final phase of the contest and someone even asked if the Vespas are on sale… 😯

Enjoy the photos from Genoa!

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