Vote for i-muse for the IQU Award

Premio IQUInnovation and Urban Quality, this is the theme of one of the awards for excellences which will be given during the event EuroP.A. taking place in Fiera di Rimini at the end of march.

An event having its target on innovation and valorization of the results of projects related to the public administration.

In this context there’s the IQU Award, composed of prizes which will be assigned according to the two main categories of works already made and to be made, then divided for thematic areas: Technology, Mobility, City and Architecture.

We submitted i-muse in the Technology category, but also for the special prize “Designing for everyone“. We take this into a lot of consideration since the usability of i-muse is one of the strong points of the product.

There’s also the Online Award in which users visiting the dedicated area of the site can cast their preference after reading the presentation documents of the projects submitted.

You can vote for i-muse if you like the project as a whole or even for a more specific motivation, such as the logo, how it is pronounced, if you like a member of the team, etc… 😉

Cast you vote!

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