Strike or Die PayPal Donation Campaign

SoD LogoI recently moved the website dedicated to Strike or Die, my turn based wargame project now suspended due to lack of resources, here on the main website.

Every now and then someone contacts me asking something about its status, since to them it looks good and promising even if I’ve never released a public version of the latest alpha version.

This interest in the project just gave me the idea to start a donation campaign by adding a PayPal link as you can see in the product page, so that people who would like to contribute and support me in completing the wargame now have the opportunity to do it.

I really hope to get back to it as soon as possible, maybe already during 2005, and I plan to work even on a mobile version of SoD.

Any contribution to the project from my visitors will be very important, since I’ve found out long ago that no publisher is going to pay in advance for a wargame unless it has already reached beta status, which means almost finished, but going from alpha to beta is a lot of work…

I hope you’ll show your support if you’re interested in a good conclusion of the project.

The choice is only yours! 😉

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