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Vespatour 2006 Part 11: from Siena to Cortona

SienaIn the late afternoon of august 3 of the last year, I began the Vespatour, a journey that gave me a lot of surprises I’m now describing here on the blog, a bit at a time.

With this post I’m about at the half. 😉

The Siena’s Palio always fascinated me: a competition so ancient and beloved by the people living there I thought it had something special I couldn’t grasp by solely watching it on TV.

So last year I coordinated the stops of the journey to be able to attend it.

In the afternoon of august 16, after visiting San Galgano’s Abbey, I arrived in Siena just before the start.

The atmosphere was incredible: the Contradaioli (citizens living in specific areas of the town) thrilled for their jockey and his horse, while tourists assisted to the big show.

The Contrada della Selva won the race, the one where I parked the Vespa, so I immediately left Siena heading towards Cortona just as the celebrations began.

Here are the 30 photos of the eleventh gallery of the journey. 🙂

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