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i-muse goes to the R2B Exhibition in Bologna

R2B 2008We’re getting ready for our first exhibition! 😀

On june 5th and 6th Togunà will be at stand 216 of the R2B exhibition, in the Start2b area, dedicated to new entrepreneurial initiatives.

We’ll showcase our first product, the i-muse videoguide system, so that interested people can give it a try.

In Denver, during private demonstations, people told me i-muse was “nice and sleek“, due its graphics and user interface responsivity. I hope in Bologna we’ll get the italian equivalent of these compliments. 😉

Before leaving for the AAM 2008 Annual Meeting in Denver, Intruders.TV’s staff interviewed me when I met them in Milan during the event The Next Web Now organized by Microsoft. It’s a series of a brief answers to questions about the startup of the entrepreneurial adventure.

The interview is short and effective: a good presentation for Bologna. Enjoy it!

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