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Schumacher’s victory at Monza and Ecpc funny comments on Aximsite

Today, after I’ve returned from a mountain trip to the nearby Corni di Canzo, I was extremely pleased to know about the victory of Schumacher’s Ferrari at the Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix, and I’d like to celebrate it by showing a picture I took many years ago when I had the chance to attend to the Monza Grand Prix.

I was excited as the cars passed away in front of me in full acceleration just after the Ascari variant.

I’m not too sure about who the Ferrari pilots were that year, but I’m sure their cars had the numbers 1 (in the picture) and 2.

If an expert among you knows it, please drop me a line. 😉

I also enjoyed reading the funny comments that followed the announcement of the Ecpc updated version 1.1 on Aximsite, right here. :mrgreen:

Ferrari Monza

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