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The Bel Paese Showed Me Its Beauty

Birth Of VenusAfter 4200 Km riding a Vespa – not including the kilometers I walked 😉 -, 1400 pictures taken while getting amazed by the finest pieces of art the human genius ever created, from the Birth of Venus by Botticelli in Florence to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, just to name the two masterpieces that impressed me the most; after being captured by the atmosphere of the Palio dell’Assunta in Siena and by the enogastronomic sagre in Umbria; after being kissed by the sun while bathing into the sea of Puglia; after hearing the different dialects spoken by the inhabitants of the italian regions I travelled through…

After all that, I’m back home in Como with so many things to tell that a book would be the most appropriate way to give back this travel experience! 🙂

I think a book would also be a nice way to thank all the friends who helped me making the journey possible and those who gave me a hand along the way.

My Vespa GTS 250 with a GPS navigator did a great job bringing me from north to south and back home without problems.
I think this sentence written on an advertisement I spotted at the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera fully reflects the value of the Vespa as symbol of freedom for italians of all ages: “One day a small airplane left his wings in the sky to become a myth on the ground“.

It has been a great experience, well worth the effort. I hope you also had a great time and relaxed during this august and that you’re now back from holidays with new energy. 🙂

Vespatour 2006 Colosseum

In the picture, here I am on my Vespa in front of the Colosseum in Rome!
The picture was taken by Monnalisa… well, she actually was a girl with “Monnalisa” written on her black shirt! 😉

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Around Italy On a Vespa

Vespatour 2006Wouldn’t that sound good as title for a book about a mad italian spending his summer holidays riding around Italy on a Vespa? 😉

The “why not?” factor is there, we’ll see if I’ll manage to keep the intention to write a book about the journey when I’ll be back home at the end of august.

The australian travel-writer Peter Moore did it: he wrote a nice book about the journey around Italy he did in 2002, riding a ‘61 Vespa.

Vroom with a view is the title of his book that inspired my incoming journey: I’ll start from Como and I’ll go from town to town down to Apulia, inspired by the wish to visit places of my country I hadn’t the chance to see yet.

My journey will be different from Peter’s one, starting from the Vespa: a recent GTS 250 i.e., coupled with the best GPS technology available for PDA devices. 🙂

And well.. as italian I’m supposed to have some advantages compared to an australian traveler! 😉

“Are you going alone?” was the first question my friends asked when I told them about the journey, and the best answer I could find so far is: would you feel alone walking around your neighborhood?

It will be the essence of the Vespatour: the Belpaese like my neighborhood, just a little bigger! 😉

There are a lot of people I’m going to meet along the way, some old friends and maybe new ones.

We’ll see what will happen.

I’ll be available by e-mail of course, and my PDA will be a fundamental tool during the journey.

Have a sunny august!

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Touristech 2006 and Veronafil

TouristechTwo intense days made the weekend fly more swiftly than usual. On friday I attended the Touristech event in Villa Erba and I spent most of saturday in Verona at the Veronafil philately and numismatics fair.

Touristech is the first event organized by Wireless dedicated to new technologies and digital innovation at the service of the cultural entertainment and hospitality services for tourists. For this meeting they couldn’t choose a better location than the beautiful Villa Visconti, located in the Villa Erba park in Cernobbio. It has been a long time since I had the chance to walk in that park, although I’m often in Cernobbio, and I hadn’t remembered how pleasant and relaxing it is. In fact it was the first time I wasn’t tired when I went home after a day full of conference presentations instead of what usually happens after similar events organized in Milan.

One of the moderators didn’t forget to mention they shot some sequences of the Ocean Twelve Hollywood movie there. After all the benefits of the presence of George Clooney in his villa in Laglio seem to be much more valuable than the works by Luchino Visconti…

The presentations were all interesting, especially for the fact that the subject matter is the basis of a software project I’m working on together with the group of people I assembled at the beginning of this year. People make the difference in everything and this project is shaping up thanks to them . 🙂

I met Paolo Conti, a journalist of Il Sole 24 Ore, the brilliant moderator of the recent Mobile Force & Office Forum 2006 and we had the chance to talk about the project.

After a morning of presentations by representatives of the major players of the tourism market in Italy, such as Touring Club among the others, the event closed with a series case histories of mobile technology applied to outdoor journeys, such as the PDA guide they’re experimenting with at the Villa Reale Park of Monza and the PDA guide currently in use at the Swiss National Park.

Then I spent saturday among the numerous small stands of coins and stamp collectors setup in one of the huge exhibition halls of Verona Fiere. Should I mention this had something to do with the work behind the PC version of EcPc? 😉

My focus were Euro coins of course, and I had the chance to meet some users from the Italian forum, but unexpectedly I came back home with a surprise as much as precious: I managed to get the Green Vespa, the only Vespa model ever made for the famous Kinder surprise toys series!

I got to know of this particular toy since I read the book Vroom with a view by Peter Moore and I’ll certainly have another chance to write more about that. 😉

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