The Bel Paese Showed Me Its Beauty

Birth Of VenusAfter 4200 Km riding a Vespa – not including the kilometers I walked 😉 -, 1400 pictures taken while getting amazed by the finest pieces of art the human genius ever created, from the Birth of Venus by Botticelli in Florence to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, just to name the two masterpieces that impressed me the most; after being captured by the atmosphere of the Palio dell’Assunta in Siena and by the enogastronomic sagre in Umbria; after being kissed by the sun while bathing into the sea of Puglia; after hearing the different dialects spoken by the inhabitants of the italian regions I travelled through…

After all that, I’m back home in Como with so many things to tell that a book would be the most appropriate way to give back this travel experience! 🙂

I think a book would also be a nice way to thank all the friends who helped me making the journey possible and those who gave me a hand along the way.

My Vespa GTS 250 with a GPS navigator did a great job bringing me from north to south and back home without problems.
I think this sentence written on an advertisement I spotted at the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera fully reflects the value of the Vespa as symbol of freedom for italians of all ages: “One day a small airplane left his wings in the sky to become a myth on the ground“.

It has been a great experience, well worth the effort. I hope you also had a great time and relaxed during this august and that you’re now back from holidays with new energy. 🙂

Vespatour 2006 Colosseum

In the picture, here I am on my Vespa in front of the Colosseum in Rome!
The picture was taken by Monnalisa… well, she actually was a girl with “Monnalisa” written on her black shirt! 😉

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