Vespatour 2006 parte 18: Bisceglie

Castel del MonteThe sea, at last! 🙂

After 21 days traveling at close stops, riding my Vespa for a total of 3000 kilometers, a week at the seaside in Apulia was the closing panacea of the Vespatour.

I needed to rest not only physically, but also mentally, since during 21 days I stared for the first time at some of the artistic marvels that Italy preserves, and for each one of them the sensations were deeply intense.

Using an effective metaphor: I got drunk with art! 😉

The welcome of my relatives in Bisceglie, in the province of Bari, was special to say the least: for a few days Nicola and Rosa made me feel like a member of their family.

Nicola accompanied me to visit the town and its surroundings, while Rosa made me taste her culinary specialties: one day meat and fish the other, nothing was missing on the table at all! 😀

During those days of relax at seaside I visited the mysterious Castel del Monte, a strategic observation point of Frederick II, now depicted on the 1 cent italian Euro coins.

To the castle, the welcome of my relatives and the seaside of Bisceglie, are dedicated the 41 photos of the eighteen gallery of the journey.


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