My first time on TV!

NetcafeSo, why was the last friday so special for me? Well, because that day there was my first time on TV! :mrgreen:

I still can’t believe it! After winning the award I’ve been invited by the TV channel Telelombardia, at Netcafé, a weekly talk-show about new technologies presented by Gabriele Di Matteo with the help of Maria and Bettina.

I had the opportunity to not only show the award, but also to talk about Ecpc, show some Euro coins of my collection and talk a bit about me.

What a week! The flue didn’t allowed me to enjoy it at its fullest, but the flue is going away while the award and the TV attendance will stay! 🙂

I’m waiting 23:00 (GMT+1) to record the talk-show so that I can put the video of my interview on my website in the next days.

I even took some backstage photos with Maria and Bettina, but more details later. 😉

Meanwhile I’ve added the About page, in which you can read some more details about me, as well as seeing my business card made by a friend, a talented graphics artist, which includes the new logo you can now see on the top left.


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