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i-muse su Punto Informatico

Punto InformaticoIt was a great satisfaction seeing i-muse among the digital pages of Punto Informatico, my favorite italian online magazine! 🙂

I read Punto Informatico since ever, to keep me updated about what’s happening in the hectic ICT world, so it was a pleasure meeting Enrico Giancipoli, a collaborator of the online daily magazine, at the recent R2B exhibition in Bologna.

Enrico came to visit our stand, tried i-muse and asked me some questions for the article, published this week.

Other than some technical insights about the software architecture on which i-muse is based, the interview includes a juicy anticipation: we’ll port the videoguide to the famous Apple smartphone, the iPhone! 😀

Now we’re getting ready for our second exhibition as exhibitors: on june 25 and 26, me, Paolo and Samantha, content managers, we’ll be in Milan for the Wireless 4 Business Forum.

We’ll have a desk at the stand of the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico to show i-muse, just like I did with Guido in Bologna.

Enjoy reading Punto Informatico’s article!


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The Little Corner of i-muse at the R2B Exhibition

An angular stand, a good position inside the hall and our staging attracted the attention of a lot of people during the two days of the R2B exhibition in Bologna. 😀

Me and Guido, marketing manager, setup the stand with the banners made by Luca and we welcomed people interested to see the videoguide running on Pdas interacting with Rfid tags.

During the two days we continued the networking activity begun with the birth of Togunà Interactive a few months ago, searching for partnership with hardware vendors, Rfid and Zigbee in particular, software solutions complimentary to our own, and presenting ourselves to potential clients, also thanks to the staff of the Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano.

Very interesting was learning the experiences of other startuppers in their search for financial support, in particular with italian Business Angels. About this I’d like to point you out to a guide made by IBAN and Kpmg.

A positive result then for Togunà’s first stand, after the demonstration of i-muse at the Ichim 07 last year in Toronto.

For me it was the first exhibition as exhibitor, and I have to say that it’s always useful being able to look at things from different points of view! 😉

In the pictures you can see the stand, as well as the Start2B area of the exhibition.

R2B 2008R2B 2008R2B 2008

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i-muse goes to the R2B Exhibition in Bologna

R2B 2008We’re getting ready for our first exhibition! 😀

On june 5th and 6th Togunà will be at stand 216 of the R2B exhibition, in the Start2b area, dedicated to new entrepreneurial initiatives.

We’ll showcase our first product, the i-muse videoguide system, so that interested people can give it a try.

In Denver, during private demonstations, people told me i-muse was “nice and sleek“, due its graphics and user interface responsivity. I hope in Bologna we’ll get the italian equivalent of these compliments. 😉

Before leaving for the AAM 2008 Annual Meeting in Denver, Intruders.TV’s staff interviewed me when I met them in Milan during the event The Next Web Now organized by Microsoft. It’s a series of a brief answers to questions about the startup of the entrepreneurial adventure.

The interview is short and effective: a good presentation for Bologna. Enjoy it!

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A Denver per l’Annual Meeting 2008 e MuseumExpo

Annual Meeting 2008I returned from Denver, in Colorado! 😀

I went there to attend the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Museums, since we decided that at least a Togunà’s representative couldn’t miss such an important event, which attracted more than 5000 attendees, including 300 from outside the US.

I went alone, but in Denver I met Mario Bucolo, a veteran of the meeting and one of the few other italians coming from our country. After the meeting Mario flew to Oklahoma searching for tornados to take pics of them! 😯

The week spent in Denver has been intense and weary, due to time zone effects and the high altitude. Actually Denver is located exactly one mile above sea level.

It was all worth it, both for business and pleasure. 🙂

I met a lot of people of the sector and brought home a series of useful indications for the future of i-muse.

Who knows, maybe the next year in Philadelphia Togunà will join the MuseumExpo with its own booth! 😉



i-muse at Fabermeeting in Turin

Fabermeetingi-muse was among the 30 finalists of the Faber contest, a national competition for creative projects organized by the town of Turin with the support of Regione Piemonte.

Among the three project categories, audiovisual, animations and web, i-muse was in the third one, since it included interactive graphical environments both online and offline.

The prize for the web category went, with good advice in my opinion, to the site.

Apart from the result, attending the contest has been a positive experience, since I spent three days among meetings and workshops at the Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park of Turin.

Other than some contacts with companies that examined the works and showed an interest for the videoguide, it was really interesting meeting and discussing with other young creative finalists, a lot of them in the thirties. 😉

In particular I hope I’ll be able to collaborate with some professionals already working in the Turin area in the arts sector.

The works of the finalists were very good, I hope they will be soon available on the contest site.

My best greetings and good luck to all the people I met in Turin!


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2008: Year of the Rat

Anno del TopoThe year of the pig is ending and the year of the rat will begin on february 7, according to chinese calendar.

During the last days of december, quiet days spent in creative laziness, I didn’t stop thinking about the events that led me here.

I browsed the i-muse category to recall the stops that led to the founding of Togunà Interactive, watching the Torontolati’s Gallery in particular, which tells the funny canadian adventure.

Even the photo galleries of the Vespatour and the meetings I attended together with the members of Vespa Club Como are among the most pleasant memories of 2007.

A year of big investments actually, fundamental to be able to start my first entrepreneurial activity.

An experience that until now taught me that developing a competitive software is nothing compared to the challenge of finding an agreement with five different people, me included, in order to be able to start a new hi-tech company in a country recently criticized by international press due to its economic, political and social issues.

A wise teaching from hinduism says that man is the real limit of himself. I agree, and I think that it will depend only on ourselves if we’ll manage to turn the good presentations done until now into a profitable business.

Let’s see if the rat will get the cheese in 2008.

Happy year of the rat! 🙂

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Togunà Interactive S.r.l. Is Born!


It’s a dream turning into reality: a new technological company is born, gathering five professionals and offering i-muse as its first product! 😀

In this entrepreneurial adventure I involved Guido, Luca, Paolo and Samantha together with me. Five young guys from Como with complementary skills who try because they believe they can succeed.

What does Togunà mean?

Suggested by Guido, who also gave birth to the name i-muse ;), it’s an african word indicating the “house of wisdom“, a sort of covered place such as the one in the picture, where the wise men of Dogon villages in Mali get together to have a talk.

A simple name, easy to explain and with a proper meaning if we recall the weekly evening meetings we regularly have since we started working on i-muse.

The company is just a starting point, although with a solid base, since we built a lot until now thanks to the work done to create a product such as i-muse.

Now we’re on the market, ready to take care of the first customer, and I, as President of the Management Board, feel at the same time the burden and the honor to give my best in order to continue in this adventure together with my partners!

Finger crossed and thanks to our supporters! 😀


i-muse Featured on Comoe20’s WebTV

ComoE20.tvThe guys who launched the portal decided to interview us for their WebTV. 🙂

They came to the Educational Silk Museum of Como to see the videoguide in action and ask us if we made the system with our sole forces or someone helped us out.

Although the number of people involved in the project who supported us is relevant, from the Politecnico to the Chamber of Commerce of Como, to the Educational Silk Museum’s staff, the investment in terms of time and money has been entirely by ourselves.

It’s something pretty surprising actually. Five youngers from Como who try to play as entrepreneurs starting with a product aimed to a difficult market, especially in Italy: we’re actually inventing our work! 😉

This is the message of the nice video edited by’s staff and we hope the people will get it.


LuBeC 2007: ICT and Cultural Heritage

Lubec 2007Lucca is a town of magic: I already wrote this when I visited it last year for the first time during the Vespatour.

This year I had the chance to get back to Lucca thanks to Lu.Be.C 2007, the event dedicated to the combination of ICT and cultural heritage organized by Promo P.A. Foundation at the Real Collegio.

A combination which isn’t exactly a marriage in Italy yet: I had the feeling that Public Administration representatives managing cultural heritage and entrepreneurs offering the so called additional services, too often speak different languages.

It’s a natural defect of computer science engineers making things only they can use, and in my opinion this is the strongest barrier in the dialogue between the two sides.

We try to do our part with i-muse: technology, PDAs and Rfid in our case, it’s just a tool.

What really matters is that the service we provide boasts quality and visitors actually benefits from it.

Along this line I appreciated the brilliant speeches of Andrea Granelli, advisor of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, and Ilaria D’Uva from D’Uva Workshop.

Who knows if next year at Lu.Be.C we’ll be able to report some progress towards this marriage thanks to i-muse. 😉


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i-muse Presentation in Villa Olmo

Villa OlmoYesterday evening the emotion was great: we presented i-muse in the place where the idea was born: in Villa Olmo, during the 12th innovation technology matching organized by Centro Volta.

In 2004 I visited an exhibition about Mirò, the first of the great exhibitions organized in Villa Olmo, and while I was using an audioguide I got the idea to make a guide running on Pdas.

Then, in 2005, I committed to Centro Volta’s engineers a due diligence study for the project, a study that led me to search for the people to build a team.

This is the first blog post in which I wrote about the project, on march 18, 2005.

Back then the IComo initiative was at the beginning and Centro Volta’s engineers became increasingly more active in supporting local companies along the difficult, although stimulating, path to technologic innovation.

Since then a lot of things happened, and chance wanted that we presented i-muse first at the Educational Silk Museum, then in Canada, and now in the place where the idea was born.

I hope this strange combination will be a good sign for the future. 😉


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